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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  February 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news, nearly a dozen people questioned after a vigil turns into a shooting. plus, local cops who blew the whistle on their own department tell us it's now ruining their careers. >> but first tonight, topper has a winter weather alert with arctic air and snow about to arrive. >> this is 9news now. >> right now, it's snowing or raining in parts of the metro area. will the temperatures get below freezing overnight? >> and topper says this may not be the only round of snow we see this weekend. an arctic air is moving in and lots of moisture. top. >> it's a two for now. the real problems around the maryland, pa border. that's where the winter weather advisories have been posted. these stay in place until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, they may be further south. for now, the main problem is frederick and martinsburg. this is all rain around the immediate metro area. either side of 95. but you get north of 70 and it
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is snowing. it snowed as far south as damaskis. and along i-81 corridor where it's going to get slippery tonight. for us, it's 42 downtown. we talked about this earlier, roads are fine in the metro area. but 34 now in gaithersburg and 34 in leesburg and look at hagerstown. they are right around the freezing mark. any time you go west of frederick, the roads could get tricky. look what happens by tomorrow morning. most of the rain showers turn to snow showers. we'll come back. you may be surprised where the bulls eye may be for tomorrow night. we'll explain. >> now, we get to late breaking news out of new carollton. gunfire breaks out in what is supposed to be a somber vigil. police say a gunman in the crowd of mourners open fire hitting one victim. ken is live in new carollton with the breaking details. >> reporter: the witnesses i spoke to say it wasn't only
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terrifying, but bold, because there was a new carollton police officer at that vigil. let me set the scene up for you. police officers just left this area right now. this is the area where that crowd ran to. the shooting itself took place three blocks away from here on 85th avenue in new carollton. >> i heard a loud bang. >> it's sad. we live by the sword, you die by the sword. >> a split second were left running for safety. chris' name was spelled out by candles that were left burning and dispursed the somber crowd. >> everybody is going this way. and somebody else just got shot. >> according to police, a man at the vigil fired off a single round. another victim was rushed to the hospital. he's expected to survive. >> as for the people at the vigil, this is the area where the officers first encountered people leaving the scene and it
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was critical to determine these people may have been our shooter. >> police detained the crowd. they were questioned and then released. most were juveniles. now those who witnessed the shooting are left trying to make sense of yet another violent crime. >> kids, parents, you know, women and children. teenagers, as you can see. >> police still don't have a suspect in this shooting and they still don't have a motive. we're live in new carollton. >> new at 11:00, an update on the two girls struck by a van. this accident happened just before 7:00 in the 600 block of north frederick avenue. this is in gaithersburg. sky 9 giving you the view. both of the victims 12 years old and suffered serious injuries. emergency crews took them to children's hospital for treatment. the driver of the van staid on the scene and we have no word yet of any kind of charges will be filed. >> a judges ruled the three d.c. police officers can
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continue with their whistle blower lawsuit against the city, claiming that they suffered retaliation for refusing to lie under oath. >> the city wanted the case thrown out of court, but lost. as gary reports, that began tease we'll be hearing more about the claim in the days ahead. >> the three cops were tough on drunk drivers. >> the three of us each year would make a third of the rest of the city for dui's. >> there were problems with the machines they used to test drunk drivers. >> people are going to jail on faulty scores. it wasn't fair for the number that was arrested to go to jail on scores that weren't done properly. >> you were ordered not to talk about it? >> i should not discuss it in the stands. >> but they defied the instructions they say they got from prosecutors. >> it's the right thing to do. that's what i'm paid to do, to tell the truth of what happened. >> you think you're being punished for telling the truth? >> all three of us were
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punished. >> instead of applauding these officers and saying this is what we want, the attorney general went after these officers and tried to ruin their career. >> the investigations promised promotions and training allegedly withdrawn. >> it's as bad as it gets. these are the best dui officers in the city. >> and the consequence of that faulty equipment -- >> we're talking about people's lives at stake here. the more people we take off the street is safer for everybody in the city. >> d.c. patrol officer, a spokesman for d.c. police referred us to the attorney general's office, but a spokesman said it had decided not to comment. derek. >> thank you, gary. 9news now has uncovered new information in the case of a cop who shot a woman dead in culpeper, virginia. an eyewitness is contradicting what state police have said about the investigation. chris says he saw the culpeper town police officer shoot 54- year-old patricia cook to death
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in a church parking lot yesterday morning. cook was in her jeep wrangler. the state police say cook had rolled up her window catching the officer's arm inside and dragged him. michelle said it didn't happen that way. >> he was right next to the vehicle. he had one hand on the door handle and one hand on his weapon and she was rolling the window up and they were exiting out of the parking lot. the window was half way up. he said stop or i'll shoot and really didn't think he was going to do it, but she got the window all the way up and that's when he shot and she took a left out of the parking lot here and he stepped out in the street and fired five more times. >> the officer wasn't dragged at all. he says he couldn't have caught his arm in there because he fired through the glass. this case remains under investigation. >> a former university of virginia lacrosse player now on trial for killing his exgirlfriend told police he wrestled and shoved yeardley love, but never hit her. today, jurors in george
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huguely's trial viewed a police interrogation video taken the very day love was found dead. and in that tape, huguely tells the police he went to love's apartment, quote, just to talk, but she started screaming and hit her head against the wall, he said. he also said love looked like a fish out of water. when police tell him she's dead, huguely sobs and denies that calling them liars. huguely and at least two of the jurors wept while the tape was playing. >> strong emotions as well in annapolis over gay marriage. governor martin o'malley testified before a house of delegates committee pushing his bill to legalize same sex marriage. he said his bill would give gay couples equal rights. some church leaders spoke forcefully in favor of the bill. and a few lawmakers traded sharp words with one another in the debate. >> on to a 9news now update. the national park service announced how it's going to fix
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a quote inscribed on the new memorial to martin luther king, jr. the paraphrase reads, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness. the correction will be taken from the full quote in a recorded speech king gave just two months before he was assassinated. it reads, yes, if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness and all of the other shallow things will not matter. as jerry sandusky awaits a trial on child sex abuse charges, a judge is thinking about visits from his grandchildren. he spoke to the media today after his court hearing and he reacted to claims that his neighbors are complaining that sandusky watches children playing at an elementary school behind his home. >> all of a sudden these
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people turn on me when they have been in my home with their kids when they attended birthday parties, when they have been on that deck because of allegations and perceptions that have tried to be created of me. now i can't take our dog on my deck and throw out biscuits to him. >> sandusky is under house arrest now accused of abusing young boys for more than a decade. the prosecutors want to keep him there while awaiting trial. his home is not a safe place for children. wop of his daughters-in-law strongly objects to increased contact between sandusky and her children. the trial is set to begin in may. compromise on contraception coverage. the white house today backed off a bit on that new policy requiring religiously affiliated employers to provide free birth control to female employees. the initiative drew immediate fire from the religious right and others who said the mandate
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violated their values. well now instead, president obama has announced employees of those institutions will be able to get their free contraceptions directly from health insurance companies. that change takes effect in august of 2013. >> are you feeling lucky? then you better buy some tickets for tomorrow's power ball where the jackpot is now estimated $310 million. tickets cost $2 a piece and the lottery can be played in maryland, d.c., and virginia. your odds of winning, 175 million to 1. your odds are better to claim your cash. thousands of people who have money coming to them and they don't know it. the money comes from dorement bank accounts, insurance policies, even unclaimed inheritances. if you hear me read your name, you have money coming your way. susan of falls church. gerald scott of bowie. and tyson of northwest.
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who doesn't want a long, lean, and strong body? tonight, i'm taking you to a unique hybrid workout class that just arrived in the washington, d.c. area. and it's already attracting women of all ages who want to stay healthy and feel young. >> if you look at a dancer's body, it never ages. >> lift up. >> at least cindy's body doesn't seem to. trained in classical ballet for 15 years. >> life happened and i had children and i craved my
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prebaby body. and so i went back to the ballet bar. >> as a beauty of your arms, up and overhead. >> and exercises at the bar play a prom prominent role in the figure method. combine ballet, yoga, pilates weight lifting, and cardiovascular workouts. >> they see the most difference in their posture, their upper body, slimming through their hips and legs. flattened abdominals. it's all good. >> julie opened the go figure studio right after thanksgiving. teaching the figure method to women of all ages. >> i love it. it's really intense, but it's only an hour. so you know you can get through it. >> increase the heart rate. >> and the repetitions mean you exercise key muscle groups more thoroughly than you would on your own. >> we aren't satisfied with
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just looking good, feeling good as we age. we want our clients to feel like they are improving with age. >> classes are $28 each. less if you buy a package. for more information, go to the health page of our website, >> the big star of getting ready for music's night, the grammy awards will all be handed out this sunday right here on cbs. right now, the crews are getting the stage ready for all the major league performances. the tell prompters are up. the assignments are in place. the beach boys will have their first live performance in more than two decades. they'll be sharing the stage with maroon 5 and the indy band known as foster the people. >> it's a thrill for me, because i love my band and i
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think the band is great. >> yeah, that's fantastic to get together again. it's been 21 years since we made an album. this is going to be very special, being on the grammy's to celebrate 50 years. >> well the grammy favorite, adele, is slated to perform for the first time since she underwent that throat surgery back in november. adele is up for six awards including records, song, and album of the year. once again, you can watch the grammy's right here sunday night. it all gets going until 8:00 p.m. 9news now would like to join in on the festivities. how does the free ipad 2 sound? starting tomorrow, log on to and enter to win our tablet give away. enter who you think will win the album of the year and if you answer correctly, you are entered to win the ipad 2. we will announce the winner on
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9news now right after the grammy's. >> okay. >> exciting stuff. >> sure is. >> i love it. >> start at midnight. >> the news starts at midnight? >> no, the contest. don't pay attention. okay. going to be an exciting night. >> it will be. >> we are looking at a couple snow showers tonight. especially north of town and another shot tomorrow night. and i think tomorrow night is when you sort of have to be careful when you are driving around between 7:00 and 11:00. let's start with a live look outside. a little bit of rain out there right now. temperatures actually pretty mild downtown. and kind of still holding in the low 40s. dew point 33. winds out of the northeast at 6:00. pressure beginning to fall at 29.92 inches of mercury. all right, here's a welcome at our radar. we see one plume of moisture riding up the eastern slopes of the appalachians. more snow in west virginia and
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also back into kentucky. and this is kind of a two prong system. this moisture coming to us from an area of low pressure off the southeast coast that will skim us tonight. give us a little bit of rain showers. even into places like charles county. but you folks are already getting snow in frederick along i-81 and that's where the advisories have been posted. good time to down load our weather app. search for wusa radar. all right, here's the deal. 1 to 2 inches possible. even in the metro area by 11:00 p.m. on saturday night. now roads are going to be slick, even in the metro area by saturday night because temperatures are going to go below freezing and windchills tomorrow night, 5 to 15. i think we'll have wind gusts over 40 miles per hour by tomorrow everyoning. sunday, dry, but very cold as we struggle to get above freezing again. here's the deal. tomorrow morning, notice how the snow began to work it way south. still rain in southern
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maryland, but we get a break either side of lunchtime, except for the mountains. here comes the arctic air. with the front and the wind, this is when we had the best chance of snow showers in the afternoon and evening on saturday. probably ending before midnight on sunday. but, because of that, i think we're going to see snow showers that may accumulate, oddly enough, east of town and south of town into southern maryland. so, not tonight, but tomorrow night you could see maybe an inch over toward anne arundel county, prince georges county, charles county, and even down into parts of southern maryland. an inch to an inch and a half near frederick and hagerstown because you have two shots at the snowfall. tomorrow night, rain and snow showers, cold, 1 to 2 inches possible. frederick north and west to hagerstown to martinsburg and winchester. lows in the 30s. primarily above freezing in town. tomorrow morning, early snow showers possible and cold.
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dress in layers. temperatures aren't going to do much tomorrow. in fact, they are going to go down in the afternoon. so windy and cold. more snow showers. i think the roads could become slick at night. temperatures around 40, but falling. winds northwest 15 to 30 with gusts probably to 40. we may well see a wind advisory posted tomorrow as well. so, we'll break it down. 30s to start. rain and snow showers. a break at noon. 38 to 42 and more snow showers by evening. temperatures in the 30s and with snow showers, they can look intense for a while, but move away quickly. so on sunday after everything rolls through, 33 and then 42 on monday. now the next seven days. we got snow back in the forecast on tuesday. a light system. temperatures around 40. then we're looking at upper 40s wednesday, near 50 on thursday. a little bit of light snow possible again on friday. temperatures around 30. follow me on twitter.
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>> and if there's snow, are you going to tweet about that? >> yeah. >> that's exciting. >> you know, a couple weeks ago they played the toronto raptors tickets were going for $1. >> from king james, and john wall, he did his thing tonight, too. a game played high above the cylinder. you got your money's worth. maryland's number one recruit making his call. if you haven't met him, you're about to. check it out right there. game of the week, next. ♪
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and now, 9 sports with dave owens. the best sports in town. >> lebron james, they pour in 50 a game and they create a rock star buzz that follows them everywhere. the miami heat landing in d.c. tonight. randy saying i'm not going to
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be a gracious host. john walsh, politician on a mission. how about that? pretty behind. wizards up 5 early. emphasize the word early. breaking news. lebron james, how about that? the planets rock. don't stop. he had 18. d. wade had 26. coach whitman trying to find the positives in the game. >> they were engaged. there wasn't any head hanging. the whole night, even after bad plays. that's part of the process of growing up. playing through your mistakes and not letting it affect the next two or three plays. >> all right, howard tore his acl in practice thursday and will miss the remainder of the year. howard broke his foot and missed nine games. we are heartbroken. channel his inner lebron james. the good council wide receiver
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left everybody in limbo during last week's signing day. tonight, he finally made his decision. >> the top 15 recruits waited until 7:30 tonight, making the announcement in front of family and friends in college park. time for our hoops game. undefeated gar field. that's garfield head coach, andy gray getting pumped up and defense. not what we had in mind. wilson for the trade. i didn't know. apparently it can. later on, his milk shakes bring all the boys to the yard. the scoop behind the back, he had 14. indians remain undefeated. hosting gonzaga. early on, he is getting a nice
11:27 pm
jumper here. but he was up by 2, but right before the half, lyles, the bank apparently is open this late at night. off the glass. bigger than everybody else. he wins by 29 tonight. kristen berset and i going toe to toe. we are currently tied. go to our facebook page and let us know when you want us to play. >> one on one basketball. >> we'll be right back. look! here she comes!
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okay, anita, let's say i'm looking for the right present for the lady. >> now depends if you're interested in walking down the aisle. >> let's not get crazy. >> that's where this valentine's cup cake can lead you. there's a lot more than frosting on the top. it's sparkly. check out the special ingredient. an 8-carat diamond. a pennsylvania bakery has it waiting at the counter to spring $55,000. >> that's our broadcast.
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